How To Get High Quality Backlinks For Free


It’s exactly what it sounds like really. A backlink is a hyperlink from someone else’s site back to yours.


No doubt backlinks are super important for any website’s SEO. They tell search engines how to index & categorize you. Mostly this is done by judging how popular you are based on who’s talking about you online.


Here’s just a few ways (these are all free – there’s also paid ways but I’ll discuss that in another post):

  1. You can leave comments on YouTube videos relevant to your industry and include your company name and website in those comments.
  2. You can write answers to questions on sites like, again including your company name and website in your answers
  3. You can post on Message Forums as well as comment on posts already there. Most forums will allow you to have a full contact details in your profile that are displayed every time you write anything.
  4. You can post free ads on classified ad sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. There are literally hundreds of these kind of sites. Here’s a free list of some of them.
  5. You can create a Facebook page literally in a couple of minutes that will showcase your business with full contact details including your website url. This way every time you interact with ANY post (including the funny cat videos) people’s natural curiosity about who you are will in some cases cause them to poke around your profile and those guys will eventually end up on your site.

This article only discusses a few ways that I know that work but there’s tons of others I’m sure you can find with a few simple Google searches. One last thing, I also offer a service that will post your website link to thousands of sites all on autopilot. Check it out here.

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